Rub it to Release it

What are the things in life that you always keep to yourself? The things that you never tell anyone, but you feel like they are eating you up inside. It can be Shock that you haven’t digested yet, it could be anger, or maybe your sad. Most of the times Pride takes over and our emotions are suppressed. Candace B. Pert wrote in her book:Every lived emotion is a postive emotion(its from Molecules of emotions, a most read). Okay it’s always easier said than done. But you don’t have to go and tell everyone how you feel (you could if you want to), but if its hard for you to talk about your feelings, write them down on a piece of paper, if the feelings where nasty then burn that paper and get rid of it, or just throw it away. Well if you might not be a writer, and you feel angry take that damm pillow and scream, screm as hard and loud as you can. If you are sad cry. In today’s society crying is seen as a bad thing, but its one of the best ways to recovery, to healing, all the sadness and the pain gets washed out of system. If today was a good day write it on a piece of paper, stick the paper on your mirror, or tell someone how good you feel. Feelings or emotions are like an epidemic. If we live our emotions, our feelings the people around us feel it to. If you are happy, you will put that smile on someone elses face,if you are sad that other person might also feel sad but together we are stonger and will get through those feelings easily.

So why is it so important to live out our emotions? If we suppress our feelings, our body gets suppressed to. There is no such thing as a seprate body and a seprate mind it’s called bodymind. The tiny little knots in our bodies called Lymphnodes, have a very important function, they cleans. They are like a rubbish bin, they suck up all the dirt from the body and relase it through sweat, amongst others. I know sweat stinks, some people might have a good natural smell others well not so good. If sweat stinks quite heavy then there is alot of rubbish in the system, and the Rubbish truck wasn’t aloud to pick up the rubbish yet. Why? Because we build a wall around us so that no-one gets in but nothing goes out either.

Selfworth. How many of always think we are not good enough, or what we do isn’t good enough. Or you might measure your worth with someone, or someone elses achievements with yours. This is all rubbish and rubbish that doesn’t get cleaned from the body and causes blockage in the lymph system. But let me tell you. You are enough, you are made in the image of God. Which is worth more than anything the world can offer you.

If you jump out of the emotional part of the Lymph system, deodorant and exercise also play a big role. No you don’t have to run around without deodorant and think everyone will smell you. But try to atleast ones a week give your underarms a break, let the lymph nodes feel the Freedom, let them breathe. And very important is excersice. Through movement the nodes can get to work and are able to release the rubbish, all the dirt from the system, and if you sweat even better.

Herbs, one of my favorite subjects are excellent support mechanisms for lymph drainage. Vinola tricolor or Pansies. Sometimes also know as a lions mouth or beard. I always ask what do they want to let me? Why would these two flowers be chosen for the Lymphsystem? If you look at the pansie like it’s a lions mouth, I can just imagen that it cleans up the system eats away all the dirt, like a lion enjoying his pray. The Daisy’s with their white colors indicate purity, flushing out the dirt in the system, bringing purity to bodymind and soul.

I am a Kinesiologist and in our first course Touch for Health we learn about the Neurolymphatic points, if there is stress they cause a blockage and just by rubbing the lymph points stress is released and the body can go into a healing phase.

I want to encourage you to rub these points, do yourself and your body the favor, remove the rubbish from the body. Let the rubbish truck come past and take it away for you. One important verse that I want to give to you today is:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Phil 4vs6.

Don’t keep your emotions to yourself, give it all to him.


Baby your Gold

Pure, rich, shiny, wealth. Gold is a Colloidal element, that has been used from the early days, for purification as well as protection. It is often symbolized with the Heart Chakra, it also gives a stronger character. Mostly Gold is only worn when people get married, even though it’s not that of a norm nowadays. Okay we don’t need to wear gold to be wealthy. If we are not happy, if we don’t have peace with our self, well then for me money isn’t worth much, but okay that is a subject for another day. Who doesn’t like good food? Gosh those yummy pizza’s or the Eiscreme at Euro Spar that has pecan nuts and caramel inside – Delicious. Jap, Im also guilty of bad eating habits. Unfortunately we all have bad eating habits, or must of us, but damm the food is always so good. But thats what the little parasites in our bodies think as well. The more junk we eat the happier they get. We are all born with little microorganisms that support us and that develop our immune system. We also need the good bacteria in our stomach that helps with digestion. Unfortunately the bad ones are always a little stronger, they amongst other things cause disease. When we get sick our bodies are full of bad boys, so how do we get rid of them?

As I mentioned earlier, to me gold is purity. It cleans our body and restores it. We don’t eat Gold we spray it. One bottle with 240 active ingredients, they all support each other to explode into 3000 forms of information. Amazing Right? So if we have to many bad boys in the body, and we feed them with the yummy food, they grow and duplicate. Water our main Survival mechanism, is crucial to them too. Our cells are made up to 70 to 90% of water (correct me if Im wrong). If we put our cells under stress they are easy targets for the bad boys, remember they are lazy because they ate so much but they do need water as well, so they steal the cells water. If our cells shrink our energy shrinks. Below is a picture of a healthy cell with just a few bad boys and a sick cell with quite a few bad ones, that isn’t round like a happy smile face,it’s shriveled and sad.

If the cell is sick or rather low in energy, more bad boys come and make themselves at home. Aging is such a big thing Nowadays. We all want to age beautiful, we don’t want any wrinkles, puffy eyes or brittle bones. We want to be strong and full of energy until we reach atleast 80, so that our grandkids still think we are like their teenage friends. The cells are like our roots. We have to water them in order to be strong, so that we can bloom and bring Happiness to people. Yes and this is possible. Just with one spray the cells are activated within seconds. They get from a little Man to a body builder. The cells can regenerate again, we look younger have more energy and a zest for life.

I look at it like a sailboat. I’ve been sailing a few times, but I could never go on my own, I need a crew. You need to know your wind direction, have patience and timing. If the sails are opened to quickly the timing wasn’t right and the wind won’t take us. If we wait for the perfect moment, if we release the sails together at the right time, man we will be going miles. When is the right timing? When will the wind be perfect? When should we make changes in our life? Tomorrow might be to late. As Martin Luther said: If I would die tomorrow, I would still plant an apple tree today.

Today the wind is perfect, Today you can make the change. Remember you are captain of your sailboat, you have the steering in your hand. Today you can turn in the direction of Beauty, Anti–aging and Health.

Baby you are Gold. Each and everyone of us is perfectly made. We just have to many bad boys to recognize it. The first step is always the hardest. If you read this you already made it.


Have you ever listened to an old time piano song? What did it feel like? Peaceful, comfort, content, serenity maybe happiness? When I listen to a classic, my mood changes instantly. From feeling overwhelmed, agitated, restless to happiness. I feel peaceful, and in control. The music speaks to the soul, to the heart, and the whole body just wants to dance along. So I was thinking to myself what is this magic that touches my heart so intense yet with such a tenderness?

Frequency is everywhere around us. Every Organ in the body, feelings, everything has it’s own frequency, that should be in resonance with each other. With some people, you get that instant feeling of love, warmth, hope. Others you might not feel comfortable around – it’s called frequency. We are all born was our own unique Blue Print. The human Milky way. Our Creator has designed and planned our milky way long before we were born. But we humans always tend to think, we know a little better. The little man called Ego that sits on our shoulder and guides us on a different roads that aren’t meant for us. That famous quote: Thoughts leads to actions.Thoughts are frequencies. The stars shine at night, lighting up the milky way, so is our path, our blue print always full of light, we just have to open up our eyes. I’ve seen this beautiful video where a non GMO plant, that hasn’t been manipulated yet, changes the frequency of the GMO plant to its orginal frequency and it actually plays a song. I don’t want to say anything bad about GMO. It has its reasons. But what this video clip showed me is just so incredible. If we stay on our Milky Way, on our blue print that is designed for us we have such a power to help and support each other, we have the power to achieve greatness in life. I’m just thinking – WOW! I was speechless when I saw the video clip for the first time, and I still get goosebumps every time I see it. Please go have look. It’s beautiful.

Everything in Life is Vibration ~ Albert Einstein. Water our must have for survival. The effect that Vibration has on Water is unbelievable. The famous Dr. Emoto showed us how nature speaks to us. He made photos with a Microscope, with the effect that different frequencies have on water. If a song with a 528Hz frequency is played the Water formed a perfect crystal. If a song is played that doesn’t go in resonance with our body, no crystal formation took place.

So why are frequencies so important to us? Stress one of the leading causes of illness, bad nutrition, not enough exercise, among other things, all of these have a frequency that our body picks up and throughs us off our Milky way, into the dark part of the sky. But luckily the whole sky is filled with starts and some where there will always be a light that shines. Listing to a classic, can ignite the fire in your soul, it warms up your own self healing mechanism, DNA can repair itself. All of it is just information that is carried over to the body. But not just any information. It is something magical. Do yourself a favor and listen to a 528Hz or 432Hz. You find them on YouTube, Apple Music or whatever music app you’ve got. Just let it play and feel.

Vitality, Beauty, Happiness and Health